Banking & Finance

Capital Markets

Wissen has a deep understanding of the domain and technologies involved in Capital Markets. We provide world class solutions to both the buy side and the sell side firms in areas that include Client Data tools, Trade Management, Broker Administration, Portfolio Accounting, Performance Reporting, Risk Management, Compliance, Prime Brokerage and Treasury, among others. We work with some of the largest and the most demanding Investment Banks, Asset Management Companies, and Hedge Funds.

Commercial Banking

The commercial banking industry, which is probably as old as civilization itself, continues to reinvent itself in the digital age. Technology, in this day and age, has moved from being a competitive advantage to being the business itself. We work closely with retail banks, corporate banks, and wealth management firms on all aspects of their business like Payment Processing, Liquidity Management, Regulatory Reporting, BPM, Analytics, Internet Banking, Mobile solutions, CRM, among others.

Risk & Regulatory Compliance

All forms of banking demand highest levels of compliance, in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Wissen has worked in building top notch capabilities for Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk, Regulatory Reporting etc. Our consultants work with a number of retail and investment banks around the world for Basel III and IFRS compliance, FATCA, SOX, AML, fraud detection, and KYC.