Clinical Research

Wissen has partnered with some of the best names in the industry to help ensure that the drugs, devices and other equipment that hit the market are safe, and meet the designated standards. We have designed and developed robust systems that ensure that clinical trials and other evaluations are done at the highest levels of quality and accuracy, thereby facilitating IRB/REB reviews and FDA approvals.

Application service

Healthcare industry is going through a disruptive phase, with technology creeping into several aspects of the entire practice. Wissen has developed complex applications that are used throughout the industry- from diagnostic equipment interfaces, to clinical data analytics, to other bespoke application development for specific needs of a client.

Hospital Management

Managing processes, procedures and data in modern hospitals is a complex task. Our systems help improve the efficiency and accuracy of hospital systems by seamlessly integrating various aspects like diagnoses, consulting, pharmacy, accounting, personnel management, among several others.