Working for Wissen

Wissen Values

Wissen is recognized to have a transparent and high performance work culture, driven by a strong value system. The key dimensions defining this value system are:
1. Ownership & Commitment
2. Respect
3. Seeking Perfection
4. Curiosity
5. Integrity
6. Transparency

Working Environment

Modern knowledge workers thrive in an intellectually enriching environment. At Wissen, we ensure that our work environment is such. Working with some of the best brains in the industry, with enviable pedigree and experience, enables all employees to reach beyond their hitherto accepted limits. We strive to keep the experience of working at Wissen not only enriching but also fun - as they say, we work hard and party harder.

Growth Prospects

Wissen’s open environment is further strengthened by our unwavering commitment to everyone’s growth. We have a powerful professional development program, built around several delivery channels and support systems. Our strong Learning & Development process, coupled with a very effective mentoring program ensures that everyone has a level playing field for professional growth and success.

Compensation and Rewards

World class people command world class compensation. At Wissen, we have carefully designed our compensation and rewards system to be among the best in the industry. Apart from monetary benefits, several non monetary rewards are part of our sincere way to say “thanks” to our employees.

Employee Testimonials

A great organization is a product of great people and great vision. I am glad to be working with some of the most competent people and glad to see myself grow into a better me everyday.

Wissen has probably one of the most open work cultures in the industry and our ideas are valued by everyone. The firm has extended every support and guidance necessary to help me grow professionally. Proud to be a Wissenite.

I joined Wissen Technology as a grad from VIT. The firm truly believes in investing in its people, so we went through a really powerful training program and am currently working on some truly enriching projects already.