NLU & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

Wissen believes that every application is going to be an intelligent application. We provide clients with expert guidance and roadmap to attain maturity with the technologies and processes. We help client navigate from Experiments and Proof of Concepts, to a place where standards are set, processes deployed across the firm and value is continuously delivered and there is continuous improvement. Wissen’s philosophy and approach is captured in below diagram, where Wissen has capabilities to implement solution end to end. The capabilities include

  • Data Management (using tools like Redshift, Hana, Google Bigquery, Vertica, Greenplum, MongoDB (NoSQL), SQL Azure, Hadoop, Apache Spark)
  • Analytics (R, Julia, SAS, TensorFlow, Mahout, Scikit, NLTK, Lucene)
  • Decisions (CPLEX, Gurobi, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Wissen provides NLU solutions that encompass Natural Language Processing and Generation. Our tools process Big Text, revealing valuable information and actionable data and deep value for the users. The solution’s components can be independently used or combined together to create powerful solutions. The solution uses linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Capabilities of solution include, Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Extraction, Concept Tagging, Relationship Extraction, Taxonomy classification, Author Extraction, Language Detection, Text Extraction, Mictoformats Parsing, Feed Detection, Linked Data Support, Optical character recognition (OCR).