Digital Experience

User Experience Design

An application’s success is governed not only by the functional coverage it provides to its users, but also by the experience of using it. Our UX designers are experts in understanding the user needs, vis-a-vis their psychology. Such in-depth user analysis is then utilized to design functional, efficient and highly optimized interactions coupled with top class visual design. Our consultants are also experts in designing effective data visualization schemes for various needs, including complex analytical dashboards, MIS reports as well as decision support.

Usability Engineering

Usability is probably the most important aspect of application engineering that has traditionally been overlooked. The ease and efficiency with which the application allows its users to function is critical to its success. We have top class UI developers who are specially trained in UX and Usability, such that they build highly usable interfaces. They are experts in not only looking at a product from its user’s perspective with usability in mind, but are also hands-on technologists who can design scalable UI architectures and build them using various technologies.


A growing number of application users are on various mobile platforms. Wissen has specialist designers who can put together highly efficient and effective UX designs, as well as expert technologists who can engineer mobile apps- both native and hybrid. Our consultants have built solutions that work seamlessly across devices, with highly responsive interfaces.